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After spending hours slowly roasting in its own juices, your meat deserves better than being hacked away with a fork and carving knife. It’s not only inefficient and results in a poorly shredded meat, but it’s also exhausting for both of you.

Gastronomo meat claws are a culinary essential and the best way to give your meat the treatment it deserves while delivering perfectly shredded, delicious hot meat to your plate.

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Shred Your Meat Like a Bear

These bear claws perform, well, like a bear claw. The supremely sharp claw edges and easy-grip handle ensure effortless carving, shredding, and chopping off all your delicious meats.

Whole roasted chicken, slow-braised brisket, BBQ pulled pork and let’s not forget those evenings spent with a tender, juicy turkey. The bear claws can shred them all with ease.

You can expect quick, effortless meat shredding in moments from these exceptional bear claws. Stainless-steel will always outperform plastic and the coated wooden handles boast quality, comfort, and style.

You’ll be showing off these bear claws at every opportunity.

meat shredder claws

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How to Use Our Meat Shredder Claws

After hours of slow roasting and resting, it’s time to put your meat shredding claws to work. Whether your meat is hot or cold, these stainless-steel claws are perfect for the job, as the ergonomic wooden handle won’t transmit heat to burn your hands.

  1. Think of our meat claws as extensions of your fingers, when you put them on the claws should be curving slightly downwards, towards your palms.
  2. For large chunks, dig your claws into the meat parallel to each other and pull in opposite directions.
  3. For small, shredded meat pieces, use one claw to hold your meat in place and use the other to claw away small pieces by pulling the edge of the meat towards you.

The sharp, robust claws will make quick work of your meat with minimal effort. There’s no need to drag your meat halfway across the countertop just to separate one piece from another. Place your meat on a sturdy board or tray on top of a dishcloth to soak up any meaty juices that escape while you’re clawing.

bear claws meat shredder

Bear Claws Meat Shredder Design

18/8 Stainless-Steel won’t bend or break under pressure, even when you’re carving and clawing at very hot roasted meats. We chose this material for its robustness and the sharp claw points that are expertly designed to tackle anything.

Coated Wooden Handle is very comfortable to grip and won’t get slippery like a plastic meat claw set. Not only does it look high quality but it’s very functional and allows you to carve meat for long periods without feeling a strain.

Plastic and BPA Free was an important aspect when designing the Gastronomo meat claws. No plastic will come into contact with your meat, ensuring clean eating every time they’re used. These claws are designed with materials to last a lifetime of heavy carving.

Easy Cleaning was high on our list of design priorities. After carving your meat, the juices and meat chunks will easily wash off the stainless-steel handle. To keep the wooden handle like-new, handwash in soapy water or wash on a delicate cycle in the dishwasher.

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